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Welcome to Tom Harvey Training

 Preparing for competition in the Cage, Ring or Everyday Life requires a regimen of cross-functional training that builds exceptional strength, stamina, and discipline through the practice of Martial Arts.  Training promotes endurance, conditioning, proper technique and intelligent sequencing, so you can surpass your goals quickly.


The Rare Gem

Many people come and go in martial arts. Some stick around yet never truly commit or they only half heartly put forth effort, while others move on. The reasons are many – ego, to many things going on in life, to many side interest. But.. Occasionally you find that rare gem. The student that quietly …

Progress or Perfection

“Focus on progress not perfection.” Statement makes you sound like a whiny turd trying to justify half ass efforts. If you focused on perfecting something then progress will come. Practice doesn’t make perfect, perfect practice does. Get in the dog fight of – Focusing on results, focusing on perfecting, focusing on perusing excellence. After all …