Practice Doesn’t Always Work

Practice has a lot to do with finding what works and more importantly what does not work, whether that be in life or the training hall. Often I see, especially in the first 5 years or so of training, people get discouraged when things don’t work during practice. As Martial Warriors and ultimately Warriors of Life our practice is a practice of truth, whether that be in combat, our relationships with others and environment or our relationship with ourselves.

People often relate things to happiness and joy and believe this to be the ultimate goal of practice. I believe for the Martial Warrior it does encompass these things obviously but the practice itself has to do more with being honest and facing what stands in the way self perfection.

If everything in practice always worked there would be no need to practice. Our practice wouldn’t do us any good. I find it useful to think of practice as being so meaningful because most of the time things don’t work. It’s when it doesn’t work that true learning begins. It’s because we lack perfection that we practice. So don’t get discouraged, it’s during these times that our practice has the potential to reveal the most meaning. The key is to be honest in looking at why it’s not working. It’s also important to realize the process of self honesty can be the most difficult, but that it’s necessary to maintain a sustainable continued growth.

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