Be Intentional..

Everything you do you have the choice to be intentional. To choose what it takes to follow through on all of your initiatives. If you lose – this is how I will react.. If something isn’t going quite right then this is how I will handle it. We aren’t always thinking win win win, things will not always be going our way.  There are things simply out of our control.

Focus on being intentional of the things you can control, which will drive progress towards what that big goal and big vision is.

  • You can control Passion.
  • You can control Effort.
  • You can control Attitude.
  • You can control Focus.

We can control whether or not we choose to connect with our why and our purpose and why we are taking action. We control what kind of information and inspiration we put into our brain. We choose what we focus on.

It’s all about being intentional.

Are we doing the things that someone who has reached our vision is doing? What does our day look like? Does our day look like an MMA Champion’s day? Does our day look like a successful business person’s day? If it doesn’t then we have a disparity that needs to be corrected.

Nothing happens without being intentional. We have to constantly up our standards. Everybody goes through the same stuff. Everybody will wake up some days and not want to train. But we wake up and tell ourselves why we are doing it. Day 1 of training is a lot different then day 100.

We’re sore, wore out, dragging a bit. Writing the reason down so we can remind ourselves why we are doing it. We take the momentum we’ve built and use it. We can be intentional on building that momentum and using it. If not then feelings will take over. But when we have a certain standard we hold ourselves to then we can overcome those feelings. WE have to choose a standard for ourselves. WE have to choose to raise our own standards.

It has to be a choice.

We don’t just wake up and do what we do. Its a result of creating habits and standards base upon the mentors, clan and the people who have been there for us in the past.

It’s a decision. Tony Robbins says success is 80% psychology and 20% mechanics  – 80/20 rule. Our clan holds us to a certain standard but we still have to choose it. That choice we make is being intentional about what we do.

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