The Rare Gem

Many people come and go in martial arts. Some stick around yet never truly commit or they only half heartly put forth effort, while others move on. The reasons are many – ego, to many things going on in life, to many side interest.


Occasionally you find that rare gem. The student that quietly shows up and focuses for hours to master that one technique, that one skill.  They listen intently and work hard to apply. They stay late, shows up early while everyone else is busy doing other things. They are there alone working; spending hours drilling over and over; paying attention to the smallest detail. They are there not to show off or stroke their ego, rather mastering.

1000 reps, 5000 reps, 10,000 reps – over and over.

You sit and observe as they are busy self talking themselves through what they need to work on; never quite satisfied- highly coachable.

This is GRIT in action, this is focus manifesting and gratitude realized.

They are truly a rare gem.

Progress or Perfection

“Focus on progress not perfection.”

Statement makes you sound like a whiny turd trying to justify half ass efforts. If you focused on perfecting something then progress will come.

Practice doesn’t make perfect, perfect practice does.

Get in the dog fight of – Focusing on results, focusing on perfecting, focusing on perusing excellence.

After all laziness is a habit and so is excellence, choose which one you develop carefully.

The work comes before the belief and belief builds confidence.