The ways I’ve always done things

Thinking on the ways I’ve always done things. I notice when I slip from it things always go down hill. When it slips you have to fix the culture.

My philosophy:

“Be a magnet for responsible and disciplined people not a net for the undisciplined and uncommitted.”

It comes down to filtering people out. You have to make sure they are willing to put in the work and time.

Cut off times – give people ‘X’ amount of time to get it together or they should move on.

Homework assignments. This tells you who wants it and who doesn’t and who will go that extra mile. I’ve always found it interesting that the people who ‘won’t’ do homework assignments always ask for workout programs, nutrition programs etc.. aka they want others to put in work on their behalf but won’t put it in themselves.

My time is valuable to me, in fact it’s the most valuable thing I have.

This has nothing to do with whether someone is ‘bad’ or not just whether they are a fit for what we do or not, want to invest our time into or not, surround ourselves with or not.

There is only so much time to give.

The old cliche is true.

“You either find a way or find an excuse.”

Most will find or justify an excuse but at the end of the day they didn’t put the work in, they didn’t improve.

It’s really rather simple.

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