Inviting Criticisms

I’ve always been one to watch things fairly carefully. I consider this part of my mindfulness training. One of the things I’ve noticed that occurs more often today than in the past is that people are increasingly hyper-aware of what others think. When paying attention to all the criticisms you will find what you seek, i.e. more of it. If your a leader within your niche you will invite the same. The only way to get around this is to be completely invisible to the world.

What we say matters little


What we say matters very little as compared to what we do. We say we want to reach our peak potential, we say we want to make different life style choices, we say we hate politics, we say we want a community of sharing, we say this and we say that. We continue down the same roads doing the same things that has lead us to the unfulfilled state we are currently living. We say we want to make this year our year but when it comes to doing what needs to be done we find excuses. We say we love our art and want to further our understanding but we refuse to look at things in a more in-depth, self challenging manner and less metaphysical manner. Hypocrisy may be an epidemic, but the problem isn’t in what we say. It’s what we do. If what your doing isn’t working then perhaps you need to make some changes. Stating “I train for excellence” doesn’t cut it.